Tinkering Family Workshop: Take Things Apart! - Electronics

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Friday March 6

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1:00 PM  –  3:00 PM

Tinkering Family Workshop: Take Things Apart! - Electronics

Calling all tinkerers! Our workshops, designed and facilitated by our team of expert educators, invite children and their parents or caregivers to fun, challenging, hands-on activities with technology and digital innovation. Our Tinkering Workshops are a good place for you and your child ages six and up to develop problem-solving skills, use technological tools, and become critical thinkers.

Dive into everyday electronics, from small hand-held devices to laptop computers, as we open them up and explore what’s inside! Discover what makes these devices whir, buzz, or light up. Use the pieces to construct your own creation that’s yours to take home!  

Family workshops are co-educational experiences (so adults, you get to do these activities too!). Best for ages 6 and up, exploring electronics with their parent or caregiver.



$39 (one child & one accompanying adult)

$20 (each additional child or adult)



$67 (one child & one accompanying adult)* 

$34 (each additional child or adult)*

Includes Single-day Museum Admission